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To celebrate a diversity of music at our beautiful farm brewery, where we come together to shine a spotlight on established and emerging talent, create memories and raise funding for future generations to enjoy music and the arts. 


To inspire, engage and entertain audiences across the generations by setting the stage for a diverse range of music in an intimate and inclusive environment. Our proceeds benefit Girls Rock Roanoke (GRR), part of a national and worldwide movement to educate and empower girls and gender non-binary youth through music, creativity, and collaboration. While most widely known for their summer camp, the goal of GRR is to provide youth in the Roanoke area with programs, seminars, and musical instruction year-round. We strongly believe that if a girl wants to rock, she should have the chance regardless of her financial status.

Why SunBine?

The name SunBine was carefully chosen to represent the summer equinox – a time when our farm-grown hops are at the peak of development, with their bines gracefully reaching for the sunshine through the longest days of the year.  

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